Atlas Wholesale Food Company is honored to be working with the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program to supply non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations throughout Metro Detroit with fully assembled food boxes for those in need in our community. 
Information on what is inside the food boxes, recipe ideas, and how to get in touch with the nonprofit organizations that Atlas is working with can be found below.

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Meat Box

The meat box consists of a variety of fully cooked chicken and/or pork options.  Each meat box will contain three (3) protein options in easy to consume pack sizes. While some items may differ based on availability, the total box weight will not fall below nine (9) pounds and will not be less than three (3) items per box. Items will be individually labeled and meet all labeling requirements. 

Dairy Box

The dairy box consists of a variety of cheeses in easy to consume packages.  The contents include multiple 7 items that weigh a total of 4.56 pounds.  Items will be individually labeled and meet all labeling requirements. 

Current Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Partners & Contact Information

Brilliant 483-8992
CARES of Farmington HillsFarmington 882-7800
Dream Centers of 221-5747
Evangelical Friends 483-6380
Forgotten HarvestOak 967-1500
Gleaner’s 453-2637
Henry Ford- Game on 345-9346
Nativity of Our Lord Catholic 922-0033
Orthodox Detroit 310-9046
Salvation ArmyDetroit 361-0455
Wayne MetroHighland 388-9799 267-5300
Zelphia’s Community 275-9728

Atlas Contact for USDA Food Box Questions: 

Erika Block   *   Email: