Mrs. Friday’s – Large Breaded Sea Scallops (DEEP FRY ONLY) – 2.5 lb Bag


Our succulent, sweet, untreated scallops are coated in Panko breadcrumbs to deliver a juicy and satisfying taste. Sourced from the purest waters, Mrs. Friday’s® scallops are carefully prepared and individually quick frozen to retain their naturally delicious flavor. These 26/30 count scallops will fit on every seafood lovers menu.

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Fry – Keep frozen until ready to use. Do not refreeze. Cook to an internal
temperature of 165°F. Appliances may vary.
DEEP FRYER: Heat oil to 350°F. Add scallops shaking basket occasionally
to prevent from adhering. Fry approximately 2.5 to 3 minutes or until golden

Weight 2.5 lbs

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