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The CDC mentions fevers are a primary symptom for those infected with Coronavirus. Be informed about the health of your family by having a quick and easy-to-use thermometer handy, especially during this time of crisis. The iHealth Infrared No-Touch Forehead Thermometer lets you measure the temperature of all your family members without having to run to the sink and wash between uses. It also has a host of other features that make this a necessity in every home:

High-precision infrared sensor technology: Ultra-sensitive infrared sensors measure IR energy emitted from the forehead and collect more than 100 data points.*

Fast & easy testing: Hold. Aim. Press. See your reading in a single second.

Gentle vibrations: Gentle vibration alerts let you know when the measurement is complete, meaning no annoying beeps that wake up a sleeping child.

Safe & hygienic: A non-touch design collects information without any contact, helping to prevent the spreading of infection.

Readable at night: Clean, white LED-backlit display lets you see your measurements, even in the dark.

Adaptive sensors: Built-in distance and environmental sensors adapt as needed to prevent invalid measurements and improve measurement accuracy.

FDA Cleared: This thermometer is an FDA Cleared measurement device.

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